Terrazzo Polishing Restoration Work Solihull B91 Abbey Floor Care

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We were contacted about this Terrazzo polishing project in Solihull as our client was refurbishing a small “L” shaped cloakroom on the ground floor of their home.

terrazzo polishing Solihull Abbey Floor Care


There were a few holes from the old sanitary wear to be repaired. The cloakroom also had a couple of steps and Terrazzo skirtings to be restored.

Our client had reviewed other terrazzo cleaning work on our website and was confident that would give them a great result – which they did.

Terrazzo Polishing Solihull – Work Schedule

We started by filling the holes with a coloured hard filler. The filler is a two-part system that hardens in around an hour. Once it is hard it can be ground and polished with the rest of the floor to the desired finish.

terrazzo filler abbey floor care

Terrazzo Grinding Solihull

I ground the floor smooth with 50 grit diamond tooling to get the floor flat and remove the porous surface. Then I progressively honed the floor from 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 grit. This gave a smooth high-sheen surface.

terrazzo grinding Abbey Floor Care

I ground and honed the steps and Terrazzo skirtings with electric hand tools to give a similar high-sheen finish.

terrazzo hand grinding Abbey Floor Care

It looked as though the staircase risers and skirtings had never been finished smoothed, so the polishing made a real difference.

Terrazzo floor restoration work by Abbey Floor Care

Terrazzo Sealing Solihull

Finally, I applied a high quality impregnating sealer to help protect the floor against staining from spills and help make the floor easy to clean.

I explained the importance of regular cleaning using microfiber flat mops and Terrazzo cleaner. The high sheen will not last very long if the floor is neglected or cleaned with strong alkaline cleaners.

terrazzo cleaning instructions Abbey Floor Care

I gave the client detailed cleaning instructions, including the need to daily dry sweep and damp mop with the correct terrazzo cleaning solution.

If you have a terrazzo floor, or any other stone floor in need of cleaning and restoration, please contact Abbey floor Care, we will be happy to help.


Hallway Terrazzo Floor Polishing Walsall

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This Terrazzo polishing Walsall project started after our client discovered a terrazzo floor underneath carpet in the hallway of their home.

The floor looked to be in good condition.

terrazzo polishing walsall west midlands ws3

However, there were cracks and areas of floor movement in the doorways.

Cracks in doorway of Terrazzo restoration walsall west midlands

There were also some holes caused by nails from gripper nails.

Gripper nail damage in terrazzo repair walsall west midlands

Our client checked travertine polishing companies online and saw How To Get A Beautiful Terrazzo Floor and what needs to be done when cleaning alone will not restore the finish. And found details of Abbey Floor Care’s Terrazzo polishing and restoration services.

Terrazzo Polishing Walsall – Work Schedule

On the first day, after discussing the work schedule with our client asked if we could give the floor a high polished finish to compliment the new decor in the room.

I explained that I could give the floor a high polish. However, a super high shine achieved by this process will not last very long unless they follow a proper maintenance cycle.

So I explained to the client the importance removing outdoor footwear before walking on the floor and the need for regular cleaning.

Fortunately, there is a large entrance porch, so it will be simple to keep the floor free of dust and grit. Our client was also more than happy to follow our recommended cleaning schedule.

I started by cleaning out the cracks and holes with diamond burrs. I filled the cracks and holes with red and black fillers. The fillers are a two-part filler that set very hard in a couple of hours.

filling holes in terrazzo floor walsall west midlands

Once the filler had hardened, I used hand grinding and polishing tools to remove the excess filler and polish the areas to a high shine.

terrazzo filler polishing walsall west midlands

After completing the repairs, I could start grinding.

I started by grinding the floor with my heavy-duty planetary grinding machine and 30 grit and 50 grit metal sintered diamond tooling.

terrazzo grinding machine walsall west midlands

As you can see from the slurry, this is a very aggressive process, removing the top of the floor. The grinding work took the remainder of the first day.

slurry from terrazzo grinding walsall west midlands

On the second day, I honed the floor starting with 100 grit diamond tooling, finishing at 3,000 grit.

The floor was then left overnight to dry ready for polishing.

Terrazzo Polishing Results – Fantastic!

I used hand polishing equipment to grind and polish the riser of the entrance step, leaving a beautiful, red finish.

hand polishing terazzo walsall west midlands

I polished the floor with a polishing machine and terrazzo polishing compounds. The polishing process gave the terrazzo a beautiful, deep lustrous shine.

After polishing, I sealed the floor with a high quality impregnating sealer.

My client was absolutely delighted with the finish.

terrazzo polishing results walsall west midlands

I gave the client detained cleaning instructions, including the need to daily dry sweep and damp mop with the correct terrazzo cleaning solution.

If you have a terrazzo floor in need of cleaning and restoration, please contact Abbey floor Care, we will be happy to help.

The Best Marble Polishing Service In Sandiacre Nottingham – Abbey Floor Care

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This marble cleaning project came about because our client had a marble floor in desperate need of restoration.

After checking out a number of companies offering marble cleaning Nottingham Sandiacre online, he called on Abbey Floor Care’s marble polishing services

The floor was 10 years old and showed signs of its age. It had ingrained soil, scratches and had lost its original deep shine.

marble polishing nottingham sandiacre - before

There was excess lippage of up to 5mm in height difference between some tiles.

lots of excessive lippage

Click here for a more in-depth explanation of lippage and the impact it has on stone floor cleaning and polishing.

The home also has two dogs that have free access to the garden.

dogs can quickly damage polished marble

The dogs carry soil and grit onto the floor. Also, the oils from the dogs made the soil very sticky and even more difficult to remove.

The grout was also stained black from cleaning products, emulsified soil and oils soaking into the grout lines.

Our client tried lots of different cleaning methods to keep the floor clean, but he could not get it clean.

Marble Polishing Nottingham Sandiacre – Starts With Marble Grinding

marble grinding nottingham sandiacre - the start

The first job was to remove all the lippage and grind the floor flat using our planetary grinding machine and 30 grit sintered metal diamond tooling.

marble grinding is very aggressive

30 grit diamond tooling is very aggressive, and whilst it removes the lippage and makes the floor nice and flat, it does leave deep scratches.

So we used 50 grit metal diamond tools to remove the deep scratches and prepare the floor for honing.

polishing marble corners and edges

This corner image demonstrates how deep we had to grind to make the floor surface flat.

We used electric hand tools to grind and polish the corners and edges.

Marble Honing Steps

We started honing the floor with 100 grit diamonds. And progressively honed the floor with finer diamonds, finishing at 3,000 grit.

start marble powder polsihing

The floor now had a high sheen, ready for final polishing.

Marble Polishing Steps

The floor was polished with marble polishing powder, resulting in a brilliant lustrous shine.

Finally, we applied a high quality impregnating sealer to help protect the marble from staining and aid cleaning.

Marble Polishing Nottingham Sandiacre – The Results

The result of our marble polishing is a beautiful smooth polished floor that is so much easier to clean

marble restoration nottingham sandiacre the results

We explained the importance of daily dry cleaning and damp mopping with a microfiber flat mopping system and a marble cleaning chemical.

We provided the client with comprehensive instructions including the best cleaning equipment and marble cleaners.

If your marble floor has lost its shine and looks dull and grimy, please contact Abbey Floor Care for a free no-obligation marble polishing quotation

The Best Tumbled Travertine Cleaning Service in Kings Lynn

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This travertine cleaning Kings Lynn project came about because our client could not keep her tumbled travertine floor clean.

Cleaning a tumbled travertine floor can be really difficult. It is especially hard to remove soil from the natural holes and voids in Tumbled Travertine.

The home had two dogs, and the oils from the dogs made the soil very sticky and even more difficult to remove.

tumbled travertine cleaning kings lynn norfolk

Our client tried to keep the floor clean, but no matter how hard she tried, it would not stay clean.

After searching online, she came across our site with plenty of before and after photos of our Travertine Cleaning work.

We discussed the situation and agreed on a work schedule.

Tumbled Travertine Cleaning Kings Lynn Norfolk Work Schedule

We applied a heavy duty cleaner to the floor and left it for 20 minutes to start to break down the embedded greasy soil.

scrubbing tumbled travertine in kings lynn clean

Then we got to work with a rotary cleaner and our Travertine Cleaning compound. The cleaning compound is made up of microparticles that help remove stubborn ingrained soil from small scratches and the grout.

Once we had finished scrubbing the floor, we removed the emulsified soil and oils with our pressurised rinse and capture equipment, leaving the tiles ready for sealing.

pressurised rinsing tumbled travertine

We recommended sealing the floor with a low-sheen acrylic Tumbled Travertine surface sealer. An acrylic surface sealer protects the stone and makes the floor easier to clean. The sealer can also be topped-up when it shows signs of wear.

sealing tumbled travertine tiles in kings lynn norfolk

Our client was absolutely delighted with the travertine cleaning work.

Tumbled Travertine Cleaning Instructions

We also gave the client maintenance instructions using microfiber cleaning mops and specialist cleaners. Correct cleaning will keep the floor clean and help maintain the finish for years to come.

If your travertine needs cleaning and sealing, please contact Abbey Floor Care. We will be happy to help

Limestone Cleaning Melbourne Derbyshire DE73

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If you are searching for help with limestone floor cleaning and restoration, this Limestone cleaning Melbourne project will show you what is involved in Limestone restoration and the results you will get.

If your limestone floor is looking grubby and in need of restoration, please contact us here.

Why We Were Called For Our Limestone Restoration Service

Our client wanted our limestone restoration services for their kitchen, utility and entrance floors.


The floors had:

  • a few cracked tiles
  • some deep scratches
  • and 10 years of grime

limestone cleaning melbourne derbyshire dirty floor

that they struggled to get clean.

Limestone Cleaning Melbourne Derbyshire Work Schedule

We started by repairing the cracked tiles. Some cracks were just hairline cracks and we recommended leaving them. We used a thin diamond cutter to open up the big cracks so we could fill them with a hard filler

limestone tile crack repair

The limestone filler is a two-pack process with a filler and a chemical hardener. Once the mastic had solidified, we ground the filler smooth with the surface of the stone.

All of the cracks were caused by movement in the subfloor, leaving one part of the tile raised. So we used a diamond hand grinder to smooth the tiles.

Limestone Deep Scratches Repair

There were some deep scratches made by a door. We used diamond hand grinding tooling to remove the scratches and reduce the thickness of the tile so the door could clear it.

Removing Ingrained Soil From Limestone Tiles

We used our rotary scrubbing machine, a high alkali cleaning solution and our proprietary cleaning compound to clean the surface of the tiles and remove the ingrained soil. The process also cleaned the dirty grout lines.

limestone floor scrubbing


There was still some ingrained soil left in tiny pores. So we removed this remaining soil with our pressurised hot water rinse and capture equipment.

The machinery blasts hot water at 800psi onto the surface of the tiles and grout. The water acts as a mechanical scrubber, releasing the small pits of soil that the rotary cleaning could not reach.

The cleaning process left the floor with a smooth natural matt finish.

Honing Limestone Tiles

Our client wanted a mid-sheen finish on the limestone floor.
So we honed the floor with 200 grit and 400 grit diamond honing equipment.

The honing gave the floor a lovely finish.

limestone honing to mid-sheen finish

Limestone Tile Sealing

We applied a high-quality impregnating sealer to help protect the floor from spills and stains. The sealer also makes the tiles and grout much easier to clean.

The impregnating sealer soaks inside the surface of the stone, and it does not alter the mid sheen finish.

limestone sealing melbourne derbyshire

How To Clean Limestone Tiles

We recommend dry sweeping a Limestone floor once or twice a day, using a dry microfiber flat mop.

Then daily damp mopping with a specialist cleaner that contains a small amount of sealer, helping maintain the finish.

With correct maintenance, the finish can last four years.

Do You Have A Grubby Limestone Floor?

If you need your Limestone looking clean and beautiful again, please contact Abbey Floor care for a free no-obligation quotation for Limestone restoration.

Polished Marble Pets & Garden Soil – A Recipie For Disaster

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This post is about a marble polishing and restoration job from Sherbourne, Warwickshire. The customer called us because her kitchen/dining floors were dull and dirty.

We could see that the floor was in good physical condition, but over time:

  • the original deep shine had worn away, leaving the tiles looking dull.
  • Ingrained soil made the floor look soiled and difficult to clean
  • The cream grout looked dark and ugly.

picture showing dirty marble and grout in Warwickshire

The dull, grimy finish frustrated the customer. She had three different marble cleaning and polishing chemicals, mops and even a steam mop, but none of them worked.  She could not understand why it still looked dirty.

I could understand her frustrations with her floor. But the problems was quite simple, ingrained soil and grit.

Marble Floors Pets And Garden Soil – A Recipe For Disaster

pets and footwear bring soil into the home that will dull a polished marble floorTheir dog was bringing sand and soil into the kitchen. He could come and go into the garden through a dog flap in the back door. The soil in his paws was grinding minute scratches on the surface. Soil and grit were also falling off his coat,  just waiting to be walked on.

Soil And Grit Will Damage Your Precious Marble

As soon as you walk over soil and grit, it grinds into your floor, making, even more, scratches. Over time the scratches will ruin the shine, trap dirt and made the tiles difficult to clean.

The soil had created these problems.

  • The shine had gone, leaving it looking dull.
  • The minute particles of soil trapped in the scratches made the it look dirty

Maintenance Is The Key To Keeping The Shine On Marble

I explained that there was no problem cleaning, polishing and sealing, to give a beautiful shiny floor. But, to keep a shine, they would need to change the way they cared for their floor.

dry sweeping mopmicro fiber spray mopThe first thing they need to do is dry sweep more often.

Where there are pets, I recommend dry sweeping the floor, at least, two times a day.

A sweeping mop will do the job in minutes. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, but you will find a dry mop easier and quicker.

You should mop at least once a day using a damp microfiber mop and a marble cleaning chemical. The mop will remove dried in soil left by the dry mop, and the cleaner will nourish the stone

Important: Marble cleaners are not made to put a shine on marble. Their job is to remove dried in soil and feed the stone without causing damage.

They were happy to follow my cleaning recommendations, but they still wanted to give their dog access to the garden.

This amount of cleaning is a challenge. My main worry was that if they didn’t keep it up, any investment in restoration would be short-lived.

There Are Different Marble Polishing Solutions

A full restoration of this floor would cost around £50.00 per square metre and would give an impeccable lustrous mirror-like finish.

However, with the size of the area and worry that they may not keep up the cleaning schedule, I recommended they consider a lower marble polishing cost.

For around £25.00 per square metre, we could clean, lightly hone and polish the marble.  The result would be a “softer” shine,  but the marble would still be clean, with a high polish and easy to look after.

We did a sample area to show the finish I was proposing.

picture of sample marble floor polishing

As you can see,  the marble and grout in the centre of the sample area are clean and there is a high shine. It isn’t crystal clear, but it is a significant improvement.

Our customer was really happy with the sample and the lower cost.

The Marble Honing Process Cleans The Floor

We started by protecting the walls, kitchen cupboards, from splashes. This work took nearly 2 hours, but it is essential. Uneven tiles will cause splashes, and strong cleaning chemicals can damage furnishings and paintwork.

Next we used honing tools starting at 100 grit through to 800 grit. This stage removes medium and light scratches and gives a lovely smooth finish.

The image below shows the smooth finish. The “shiny” tile border is called,  “picture framing” and caused by uneven tiles. The honing process will remove them.

marble honing showing picture framing effect

Grout Cleaning Using Honing Powder

Now we needed to clean the grout. We used a rotating scrubbing machine and 800 grit honing powder. This work is just like brushing your teeth with toothpaste. The brush rolls the honing powder into the grout lines to release ingrained soil without damaging the grout.

We then used our pressurised hot water clean and capture equipment to remove the slurry, cleaning out the grout. The floor is now clean with a smooth sheen finish.

after finish honing and grout cleaning - abbey floor care - 0800 695 0180

Get A Deep Shine With Marble Polishing Powder

The last stage in polishing a marble floor uses a marble polishing compound that contains fine abrasives and chemicals that react with the marble to give a “wet look” shine.
kitchen marble floor polishing - abbeyfloorcare.co.uk

Polished Marble Deserves A High-Quality Sealer

The final part of our marble polishing kit is the high-quality impregnating sealer. The sealer protects the tiles and grout lines from staining and makes them easier to clean. We explained that the chemistry of impregnating sealers meant that they can not stop acid spills etching marble. So it is important to take care when using vinegar, lemon juice, colas, etc., as they all contain strong acids.

Are You Looking For Marble Polishing?

We restore floors in Warwickshire, The West Midlands and throughout the UK. If you  have a marble floor that needs polishing, please call 0800 695 0810 for a free marble polishing quotation, or click here to contact us by email.
marble polishing warwickshire before and after - abbeyfloorcare.co.uk
marble polishing warwickshire cv34 by abbeyfloorcarea marble floor in warwickshire cv34 polished to a beautiful shinea polished marble kitchen floor in warwickshire cv34