Limestone Cleaning Melbourne Derbyshire DE73

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If you are searching for help with limestone floor cleaning and restoration, this Limestone cleaning Melbourne project will show you what is involved in Limestone restoration and the results you will get.

If your limestone floor is looking grubby and in need of restoration, please contact us here.

Why We Were Called For Our Limestone Restoration Service

Our client wanted our limestone restoration services for their kitchen, utility and entrance floors.


The floors had:

  • a few cracked tiles
  • some deep scratches
  • and 10 years of grime

limestone cleaning melbourne derbyshire dirty floor

that they struggled to get clean.

Limestone Cleaning Melbourne Derbyshire Work Schedule

We started by repairing the cracked tiles. Some cracks were just hairline cracks and we recommended leaving them. We used a thin diamond cutter to open up the big cracks so we could fill them with a hard filler

limestone tile crack repair

The limestone filler is a two-pack process with a filler and a chemical hardener. Once the mastic had solidified, we ground the filler smooth with the surface of the stone.

All of the cracks were caused by movement in the subfloor, leaving one part of the tile raised. So we used a diamond hand grinder to smooth the tiles.

Limestone Deep Scratches Repair

There were some deep scratches made by a door. We used diamond hand grinding tooling to remove the scratches and reduce the thickness of the tile so the door could clear it.

Removing Ingrained Soil From Limestone Tiles

We used our rotary scrubbing machine, a high alkali cleaning solution and our proprietary cleaning compound to clean the surface of the tiles and remove the ingrained soil. The process also cleaned the dirty grout lines.

limestone floor scrubbing


There was still some ingrained soil left in tiny pores. So we removed this remaining soil with our pressurised hot water rinse and capture equipment.

The machinery blasts hot water at 800psi onto the surface of the tiles and grout. The water acts as a mechanical scrubber, releasing the small pits of soil that the rotary cleaning could not reach.

The cleaning process left the floor with a smooth natural matt finish.

Honing Limestone Tiles

Our client wanted a mid-sheen finish on the limestone floor.
So we honed the floor with 200 grit and 400 grit diamond honing equipment.

The honing gave the floor a lovely finish.

limestone honing to mid-sheen finish

Limestone Tile Sealing

We applied a high-quality impregnating sealer to help protect the floor from spills and stains. The sealer also makes the tiles and grout much easier to clean.

The impregnating sealer soaks inside the surface of the stone, and it does not alter the mid sheen finish.

limestone sealing melbourne derbyshire

How To Clean Limestone Tiles

We recommend dry sweeping a Limestone floor once or twice a day, using a dry microfiber flat mop.

Then daily damp mopping with a specialist cleaner that contains a small amount of sealer, helping maintain the finish.

With correct maintenance, the finish can last four years.

Do You Have A Grubby Limestone Floor?

If you need your Limestone looking clean and beautiful again, please contact Abbey Floor care for a free no-obligation quotation for Limestone restoration.


Polished Marble Pets & Garden Soil – A Recipie For Disaster

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This post is about a marble polishing and restoration job from Sherbourne, Warwickshire. The customer called us because her kitchen/dining floors were dull and dirty.

We could see that the floor was in good physical condition, but over time:

  • the original deep shine had worn away, leaving the tiles looking dull.
  • Ingrained soil made the floor look soiled and difficult to clean
  • The cream grout looked dark and ugly.

picture showing dirty marble and grout in Warwickshire

The dull, grimy finish frustrated the customer. She had three different marble cleaning and polishing chemicals, mops and even a steam mop, but none of them worked.  She could not understand why it still looked dirty.

I could understand her frustrations with her floor. But the problems was quite simple, ingrained soil and grit.

Marble Floors Pets And Garden Soil – A Recipe For Disaster

pets and footwear bring soil into the home that will dull a polished marble floorTheir dog was bringing sand and soil into the kitchen. He could come and go into the garden through a dog flap in the back door. The soil in his paws was grinding minute scratches on the surface. Soil and grit were also falling off his coat,  just waiting to be walked on.

Soil And Grit Will Damage Your Precious Marble

As soon as you walk over soil and grit, it grinds into your floor, making, even more, scratches. Over time the scratches will ruin the shine, trap dirt and made the tiles difficult to clean.

The soil had created these problems.

  • The shine had gone, leaving it looking dull.
  • The minute particles of soil trapped in the scratches made the it look dirty

Maintenance Is The Key To Keeping The Shine On Marble

I explained that there was no problem cleaning, polishing and sealing, to give a beautiful shiny floor. But, to keep a shine, they would need to change the way they cared for their floor.

dry sweeping mopmicro fiber spray mopThe first thing they need to do is dry sweep more often.

Where there are pets, I recommend dry sweeping the floor, at least, two times a day.

A sweeping mop will do the job in minutes. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, but you will find a dry mop easier and quicker.

You should mop at least once a day using a damp microfiber mop and a marble cleaning chemical. The mop will remove dried in soil left by the dry mop, and the cleaner will nourish the stone

Important: Marble cleaners are not made to put a shine on marble. Their job is to remove dried in soil and feed the stone without causing damage.

They were happy to follow my cleaning recommendations, but they still wanted to give their dog access to the garden.

This amount of cleaning is a challenge. My main worry was that if they didn’t keep it up, any investment in restoration would be short-lived.

There Are Different Marble Polishing Solutions

A full restoration of this floor would cost around £50.00 per square metre and would give an impeccable lustrous mirror-like finish.

However, with the size of the area and worry that they may not keep up the cleaning schedule, I recommended they consider a lower marble polishing cost.

For around £25.00 per square metre, we could clean, lightly hone and polish the marble.  The result would be a “softer” shine,  but the marble would still be clean, with a high polish and easy to look after.

We did a sample area to show the finish I was proposing.

picture of sample marble floor polishing

As you can see,  the marble and grout in the centre of the sample area are clean and there is a high shine. It isn’t crystal clear, but it is a significant improvement.

Our customer was really happy with the sample and the lower cost.

The Marble Honing Process Cleans The Floor

We started by protecting the walls, kitchen cupboards, from splashes. This work took nearly 2 hours, but it is essential. Uneven tiles will cause splashes, and strong cleaning chemicals can damage furnishings and paintwork.

Next we used honing tools starting at 100 grit through to 800 grit. This stage removes medium and light scratches and gives a lovely smooth finish.

The image below shows the smooth finish. The “shiny” tile border is called,  “picture framing” and caused by uneven tiles. The honing process will remove them.

marble honing showing picture framing effect

Grout Cleaning Using Honing Powder

Now we needed to clean the grout. We used a rotating scrubbing machine and 800 grit honing powder. This work is just like brushing your teeth with toothpaste. The brush rolls the honing powder into the grout lines to release ingrained soil without damaging the grout.

We then used our pressurised hot water clean and capture equipment to remove the slurry, cleaning out the grout. The floor is now clean with a smooth sheen finish.

after finish honing and grout cleaning - abbey floor care - 0800 695 0180

Get A Deep Shine With Marble Polishing Powder

The last stage in polishing a marble floor uses a marble polishing compound that contains fine abrasives and chemicals that react with the marble to give a “wet look” shine.
kitchen marble floor polishing -

Polished Marble Deserves A High-Quality Sealer

The final part of our marble polishing kit is the high-quality impregnating sealer. The sealer protects the tiles and grout lines from staining and makes them easier to clean. We explained that the chemistry of impregnating sealers meant that they can not stop acid spills etching marble. So it is important to take care when using vinegar, lemon juice, colas, etc., as they all contain strong acids.

Are You Looking For Marble Polishing?

We restore floors in Warwickshire, The West Midlands and throughout the UK. If you  have a marble floor that needs polishing, please call 0800 695 0810 for a free marble polishing quotation, or click here to contact us by email.
marble polishing warwickshire before and after -
marble polishing warwickshire cv34 by abbeyfloorcarea marble floor in warwickshire cv34 polished to a beautiful shinea polished marble kitchen floor in warwickshire cv34

Travertine Cleaning Alton Hampshire GU34 – Abbey Floor Care

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This Travertine cleaning Alton project was in a lovely cottage in the beautiful village of Upper Farrington near Alton in Hampshire

Our client called for our travertine restoration services because she could not keep her Travertine floor clean. The tiles had holes that were filling with dirt, and she could not get the grout lines clean.

Dirty holes are a common problem with honed and filled travertine.

Travertine has a honeycomb structure, like cinder toffee. The honeycomb structure means that in some places the surface of the tile can be as thick as an eggshell.

As the ties start to wear, these weak areas become thinner, eventually collapsing to reveal the underlying hole. The holes can vary from small pores to large craters. It is impossible to stop the holes filling with soil. Eventually, there are dirty holes all over the floor.

As you can see in this photograph, there were some large holes in the floor on this travertine cleaning Alton project.

travertine cleaning alton hampshire abbey floor care

Travertine Dirty Grout

Dirty grout is a common problem with tile and stone floors. Grout gets dirty because sand based grout has a rough surface like sandpaper. The rough finish can be tough to clean. Mopping with a cotton mop adds to the problem because the mop moves dirty slurry into the grout. The dirty sludge starts to damage the grout, making it even more porous. It is like a never-ending circle. This is exactly what has happened with this travertine cleaning alton project.

The grout lines on this floor were quite wide, so the dirty grout lines made the whole floor look dull.

travertine dirty grout alton hampshire abbey floor care

We started by cleaning the larger holes with diamond burrs. As we worked, we also cleaned out any damaged filler. Then filling the large holes with hard travertine filler. We use adhesive tape around the holes to make grinding easier and quicker.

travertine filler alton hampshire abbey floor care

The travertine filler is a two-pack process with a filler and a chemical hardener. Once the filler had solidified, we ground the filler smooth with the surface of the stone.

travertine tile repair alton hampshire abbey floor care

The picture above shows two large hole repairs after filling and smoothing.

Grout Filling Small Holes In Travertine

Small holes are too small and too numerous to fill with a hard filler. So we scrubbed the floor with a strong cleaner to help emulsify the ingrained soil. Then we used our high-pressure hot rinse equipment to lift the emulsified soil away from the floor.

Our cleaning also removed any loose filler that was likely to fall away in the coming months.

We filled the remaining holes with a fine jasmine coloured grout.

grout filling travertine tiles alton hampshire abbey floor care

Once the grout had dried, we removed any grout haze off the tiles ready for sealing.

Sealing The Travertine Tiles

sealing travertine tiles alton hampshire abbey floor care

We sealed the floor with a water based acrylic mid-sheen sealer. We recommended this sealer on our travertine cleaning Alton project because the travertine sealer will help to protect the surface of the tiles from damage. The sealer sits on top of the stone, acting as the wear layer, protecting remaining areas of thin tile against premature collapse. The sealer also makes the grout lines and grout filler much easier to clean.

travertine sealing alton hampshire abbey floor care


Maintenance Cleaning Travertine Tiles

We recommend to sweep the floor once or twice a day, using a dry microfiber mop. Then damp mopping the floor daily with a specialist cleaner that contains a small amount of sealer, helping maintain the finish.

With correct maintenance, the finish can last four years. You can extend the life of the finish by topping up the sealer every 6 to 12 months with a new layer of sealer.

If you need your travertine looking clean and beautiful again, please contact me for a free no-obligation quotation for travertine restoration.

Travertine Cleaning Menheniot Liskeard Cornwall – Abbey Floor Care

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Project: Travertine Cleaning Menheniot near Liskeard Cornwall.

This project was in a beautiful part of Cornwall called Menheniot, details at the end of this post.

The customer sent some photographs of the floor, identifying it as a high quality filled travertine tile floor. The photos indicated that the tiles grout and filler was soiled and needed cleaning.

Travertine Cleaning Menheniot

Our original quotation for the work was too deep clean the floor, fill any areas of lost grout and then seal the floor with a water based surface sealer.

However, on arrival, I found that the adjoining dining room, hallway and lounge had the same Travertine tile flooring.

The other floors were finished in a natural mid-sheen and sealed with an impregnating sealer.

So I suggested we change the specification to hone the floor to a similar natural sheen and seal the floor with an impregnating sealer.

I started by cleaning the floor with a rotary floor machine, stone floor cleaner combined with our smooth cleaning sand. The sand works into the holes and crevices, helping to remove ingrained soil without scratching the surface of the stone.

Video Showing The Process For Travertine Cleaning Menheniot

The rotary floor machine has a soft brush attachment that gently agitates special cleaning sand into the surface of the floor to release ingrained soil.

Video Showing The Pressurised Hot water Rinsing Process

We removed the remaining soil using our hot water pressurised rinse and capture equipment, leaving a clean floor ready for honing.

loor aftertravertine floor cleaning before the honing process

The image above shows the floor after deep cleaning

We finished the floor to an 800 grit finish using diamond honing pads. The sheen was slightly less than the rest of the floor. So we lightly polished the tiles with 1500 grit diamonds. The 1500 grit finish gave the tiles the same natural sheen as the other floors. Although the kitchen floor now looks cleaner than the rest of the flooring.

Finally, we sealed the floor with a high-quality impregnating sealer.

travertine polishing to a mid sheen finish


The image above shows the floor after honing to a mid sheen finish.

We suggested that once the sealer had dried and cured, it would be a good idea to wax the floor near to the cooker and sink with a thin layer of LTP Clear Wax. The floor wax will help protect the finish against strong chemical damage from cooking and washing splashes.

We explained the need to maintain the floor properly, using microfiber cleaning equipment and the correct stone floor cleaners. In this case, the ideal stone floor cleaning chemical is LTP Floor Shine

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Menheniot (Cornish: Mahunyes) is a civil parish and village in Cornwall.  The meaning of the name is “sanctuary of Neot”.  The village has a primary school, a pub, a shop and a post office.

The village of Menheniot, lies about two miles south-east of Liskeard, close to the A38 and main railway line to the west of Cornwall. It is bounded on the north by St Cleer and St Ive, on the east by Quethiock and St Germans, on the south and west by Morval and Liskeard.

This largely agricultural area has good, fertile soil. The area is also renowned for the quality of its slate.

Lead was discovered in Menheniot parish in the 1840′s, the mining boom that followed saw the population double in a very short period of time.

The enormous social consequences for the village were matched only by the dramatic physical change, with massive engine houses soon dominating the skyline. By the 1870s the boom had collapsed. The miners moved away causing the village to revert to the agricultural life that we see today.

Menheniot had a population of 1,605 in the 2001 census.


Travertine Cleaning Abbots Bromley Staffordshire – How To Clean Travertine

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This is a Travertine cleaning project we carried out on a 10-year-old Travertine tile floor in Abbots Bromley,  Staffordshire.

There were around 120 square metres of travertine tiles installed in an Orangery, kitchen and dining area.

cleaning travertine tiles in Abbotts Bromley Staffordshire

The household also had two Labradors and a Dachshund with access to a large surrounding garden

The tiles in the kitchen diner area had suffered from typical issues suffered by honed and filled Travertine with a family plus 3 dogs.

  • every tile had numerous holes from lost filler
  • many of the holed were filled with dark soil
  • a few large holes were over 75mm diameter
  • cracks from the subfloor settling
  • ingrained soil in the tiles and grout

The orangery was a later installation and the tiles were much cleaner, with fewer holes. However, there were a number of long hairline cracks and smaller but more apparent cracks at the edges of the floor.

travertine floor cleaning abbotts bromley staffordshire Abbey Floor Care 0800 695 0180

After discussing the situation with the homeowner we decided to open up and fill the large cracks on the edges of the floor and leave the hairline cracks.

The Travertine Cleaning Process

I started the Travertine cleaning by deep cleaning the tiles and grout using a rotary floor machine, honing powder and cleaning chemicals.

The floor was then left overnight to dry ready for filling with hard filler.

Filling Holes in Travertine Tiles  – Repairing Cracks In Travertine Tiles

I filled around 200 large holes ranging from 1omm diameter to 100mm diameter with hard jasmine filler.

I used a diamond grinding wheel to open the large cracks ready for filling with the hard filler.

cleaning travertine tiles abbots bromley staffordshire Abbey Floor Care 0800 695 0180

This picture shows travertine tile repair in progress. The left hand of the image shows the crack opened with a diamond grinding wheel. The right hand side shows the filler ready for smoothing.

A number of tiles with cracks were heavily filled. At least 50% of the tiles was filler and I was concerned that the cracks may have weakened the surrounding area. So before filling the tiles with the jasmine filler, I injected a free flowing epoxy resin deep into the cracks in an attempt to strengthen the tile and stop more cracks appearing.

As the picture below show, I used adhesive tape around the cracks. The tape makes it easier and quicker to grind the filler smooth with the travertine.

travertine restoration abbotts bromley staffordshire Abbey Floor Care 0800 695 0180

The key to successful smoothing of the filler is to get the filler smooth without damaging the surrounding tile. If you do not take care travertine, aggressive honing will reveal holes around the repair that will need to be filled in.

Honing Travertine Floor Tiles

Once all of the cracks and holes were filled and smoothed, I honed the floor with 400 grit diamond tools to smooth areas roughened by traffic. The honing element of the travertine cleaning gives the floor an even appearance.

The short video below shows the honing process.

After honing the floor, I filled the smaller holes with a jasmine coloured grout. I had to grout fill all of the tiles in the kitchen area. The tiles in the orangery had fewer holes and the picture below shows the grout filler.

After grout filling, I removed all of the grout haze and the floor was ready for sealing.

Travertine Sealing

A new honed and filled travertine floor is usually sealed with an impregnating sealer because the fillers have a similar sheen to the honed travertine. However, the grout filler has a matt finish, so I recommended the best travertine sealer to be a water based Acrylic surface sealer.

The Travertine sealer gave the floor a beautiful, low sheen finish.

The key to cleaning Travertine tiles is to use the right cleaning products and cleaning equipment. So I recommended a microfiber mopping system the correct Travertine cleaner. The Travertine cleaner is ph neutral, so it will not soften and damage the sealer. The Travertine cleaner also contains a small amount of polymer to help maintain the sealer.

If you would like your Travertine floor cleaned and restored to its original finish, please complete our simple contact form for a free, no-obligation quotation.